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Billing errors

Please check your bills regularly and contest any incorrect totals in writing, and within good time.

By writing and submitting a complaint as early as possible, the consumer can inform the operator of the problem and give it the possibility to provide an explanation and solve the problem as quickly as possible, or, if necessary, propose a solution.

The written complaint can take the form of a standard or registered letter, or an email. Registered post provides a guarantee that the letter has been sent and received. We advice you to give the operator around two weeks to properly respond to the written complaint.

If the operator fails to respond or responds unsatisfactorily, the consumer can then call on the ILR mediation service.

Your operator must provide, free of charge, a detailed invoice which includes the explicit identity of the supplier and the duration of the services invoiced for any premium-rate number, unless you have requested that this information not be listed.

Calls which are free for you, including calls to support lines, do not necessarily need to be listed on the detailed invoice.

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Installation and activation costs

The contractual summary which must be provided free of charge before signing the contract must contain the sums owed for the activation of the service.

Find out more about the contractual summary.

The operator is not responsible for the internal cabling of your private installation, but it has signed a contract with you and it must be able to guarantee that you are receiving the services promised in the contract.

Under all circumstances, the operator must inform you, before signing the contract, of the services it can offer you and the costs relating to the installation and activation.

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