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How do I check the consumption of my smart meter?

The smart meter allows you to see your cumulative consumption (index) since it was commissioned as well as your instantaneous consumption (instantaneous power). Refer to the meter documentation for more information. The documentation can be downloaded from https://smarty.creos.net/

The data can also be accessed from your network operator or, if applicable, from your supplier via a customer portal.

In fact, to allow regular and almost real-time monitoring of your consumption, your meter has an interface through which the measured data can be retrieved. This data can, for example, be read by a home automation system or transferred via Smarty+ onto a platform that can be consulted remotely via an app on your mobile phone.

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In a multi-apartment building, how can I check if my home is connected to the right meter?

In multi-occupancy buildings, it may be the case, albeit rarely, that the meters have been mixed up. To check that the consumption billed to you is really yours, and that there is therefore no meter confusion, you can follow the procedure suggested in this bilingual brochure.

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How can I avoid being disconnected if I am unable to pay my bill?

In principle, as long as you pay your bills, you will not be disconnected. If you find yourself in a precarious situation that makes it impossible to pay your bills, we advise you to inform your supplier as soon as possible of your precarious financial situation in order to avoid disconnection. You can also contact the social office of your municipality of residence for possible assistance with your energy costs, subject to certain conditions.

When your supplier intends to suspend your energy supply for non-payment, they are obliged to inform you and the social office of your municipality of residence at the same time. The social office can then eventually decide whether to settle the unpaid bills.

Your electricity or natural gas supply cannot be disconnected while your application for social assistance is being processed by the social office of your municipality of residence.

If you qualify for social assistance, your supplier is entitled to instruct the network operator to replace your meter with a prepayment meter at your expense until all outstanding bills are paid. Once all the debt to your supplier has been paid, you may ask to have your normal meter reinstalled at your expense.

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Who do I have to contact if I move into a new flat and do not have electricity or natural gas yet?

It is recommended that you conclude a supply contract with an electricity or natural gas supplier of your choice, preferably even before you move into your new home.

If you move into a new home and do not yet have a valid electricity or natural gas contract, your electricity or natural gas meter may be deactivated. In this case, take note of the meter number and the number of the POD supply point (which you normally find nearby your meter) and communicate them to the supplier of your choice to start the supply.

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In the event of a national, regional or local crisis or other incidents with serious consequences for energy supply, where can I get information about emergency measures?

Depending on the degree of severity of the event, the network operators or the State shall take the necessary corrective or safeguarding measures and communicate them by appropriate means. In this respect, we refer you to the website www.infocrise.public.lu.

Depending on the case, the measures mentioned can be a reduction in consumption, a reduction of exports at border crossing points and/or the technical shutdown of parts of the network.

However, these must be in line with the legal framework, in particular the 2007 laws on the organisation of the electricity and natural gas markets, in particular Articles 13 and 19 respectively.


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Who is responsible for damage to my home if the service is interrupted?

In principle, the general terms and conditions concluded with your supplier contain a liability clause determining the circumstances in which the supplier may be held contractually liable in the event of supply interruption.

The same applies to network operators; a similar clause is included in your general terms and conditions of use of the network concluded with your operator (via the supply contract signed with your supplier, you have accepted the general terms and conditions of the network operator).

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Who is my contact person in the event of an interruption in the energy supply? Who do I contact if I have a technical question about my energy supply?

In the event of a power failure, it must be checked whether the interruption is not due to the fact that a protection device (e.g. a fuse) has blown or, if there is a smart meter in the household, whether the power supply was switched off by this meter.

Please try to restore the supply by resetting the protection device. If this does not solve the problem, there is probably a problem with the internal installation and you should contact an electrician for assistance.

Please also check to see if your meter is working properly. In the second case, follow the instructions on the meter display.

But if neither the protection devices nor the meter are the cause of the interruption in your supply or if the interruption concerns natural gas and you do not know the technical cause, you should contact your network operator, who will check whether it is a network failure or a failure in your domestic installation. In the latter case, you should contact an electrician or installer of your choice.

If the interruption is due to non-payment of your bills, the smart meter will indicate it to you.

If your supply is interrupted due to non-payment of your outstanding bills, you should immediately contact your supplier and, if necessary, the social office of your municipality of residence to try to find a solution to restore your supply as soon as possible, such as drawing up a debt repayment plan.

Finally, if your supply is interrupted due to the termination or suspension of your contract, you must ensure that you either sign a new supply contract or that you resume your suspended supply contract.

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Do I have to sign a contract to be physically connected to an electricity and/or natural gas distribution network, and with whom?

To be physically connected to a distribution network, the property owner or builder must contact the local network operator directly and conclude a connection contract.

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Do I have to sign a contract, and with whom, to be supplied with energy?

Yes, you need to sign a supply contract with the supplier of your choice. In the case of integrated supply, the general terms and conditions for the use of the network shall also apply.

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Who do I contact for an initial energy supply?

If you are moving into an existing building that is already connected to the electricity and natural gas networks, all you have to do is contact the supplier of your choice and sign a supply contract.

If however the building is not yet connected, the connection must be requested from the relevant network operator. The distribution network operator has a legal monopoly on the distribution network in a given area. This should not be confused with the supplier, which you can freely choose. The list of electricity and natural gas network operators and their contact details is available on the ILR website.

In order to be supplied with electricity and/or natural gas, you should, if possible, conclude a contract with the supplier of your choice before the connection is made or before you move in. The list of electricity and natural gas suppliers can be found on the website www.STROUMaGAS.lu. The price comparison tool www.calculix.lu gives an overview of the products being marketed by the suppliers.

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When and how is my meter read ?

As all meters are now smart meters, meter readings are being performed automatically by the network operator. Only in isolated cases, when the data transmission system does not properly work or in rare cases where a conventional meter still exists, network operator agents come on site to read the meters.

Your supplier calculates your bill on the basis of data collected automatically or manually by your network operator.

At any time you may ask your network operator or supplier to provide you with your recent consumption data. Some suppliers and network operators provide this information via their Internet portal.

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Who do I have to contact to get a meter installed?

You have to contact the distribution network operator in your municipality. The meter remains the property of the network operator. Every newly installed meter must be a “smart meter”, which communicates consumption data to the network operator.

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Will I be charged a connection fee or a deposit? How can I find out about this?

To connect your house or flat to the electricity and/or natural gas network, you must contact the distribution network operator in your municipality. They will be able to inform you about the technical conditions for connection, the connection tariffs and the estimated time for completion of the connection work. The costs of the initial establishment of the connection shall be borne by the applicant. These costs can be charged as a lump sum. The civil engineering costs required for the connection are also borne by the applicant. Your network operator will not ask you for a deposit for you connection.

It should be noted that a change of supplier at a later date will not result in a change in your connection to the network and therefore no additional connection fee will be charged. However, any modification or relocation of your connection installation, at your request, will be carried out at your expense.

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Is there a minimum level of quality in the energy supply? Am I entitled to compensation if the pre-determined quality of the energy supply is not met?

You are entitled to a supply of energy of a well-defined quality (with reference to the pressure respectively the voltage and the frequency supplied) on reasonable, easily comparable, transparent, non-discriminatory and published conditions and tariffs.

Since the minimum quality level is defined contractually (by signing the supply contract, the customer declares that they accept the general conditions of the network operator), any compensation is an integral part of the network usage contract signed with the network operator.

Your network operator must inform you, in advance and as soon as possible by any appropriate means, of the dates and times when the energy supply will be interrupted. In the event of unforeseeable interruptions to the energy supply, your network operator is obliged to inform you as soon as possible of the reasonably foreseeable duration of the interruption. An exception may occur in the event of force majeure (an unforeseeable breakdown), where neither the network operator nor the supplier are able to warn you in advance.

The compensation due, as a result of an interruption, whether foreseeable or not, is set out in the general terms and conditions of the contract with your supplier or the contract for use of the network with the network operator.

Creos, the largest network operator in Luxembourg, provides real-time information on interruptions via its “Creos” app.

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