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Is your connection for
internet ready the transition?
Switch to the very high speed network! The copper network will soon be replaced by a fiber optic network.
If your connection is based on the copper network, then it’s time to switch to the next level.

I need information about my services:

  • Geographical survey of electronic communications networks

    Check out the quality of landline and mobile networks FIND OUT MORE
  • Copper phase out

    The copper network will gradually be replaced by a fibre network. Check your copper disconnection date FIND OUT MORE

    Would you like to change operator? Is your internet connection unstable? FIND OUT MORE

    Do you have any questions about your contract? Have you signed up to a premium SMS service? FIND OUT MORE
  • Electricity and natural gas

    Do you have questions about your electrical or gas connection? Would you like to change your supplier? Are you interested in self-consumption or a charging station for your electric car? FIND OUT MORE

The “Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation” Has been helping consumers since 1997

Since the electronic communications, energy, and postal service markets were opened, the ILR has been there to regulate it, promoting a competition-driven and open market, and to act in the interests of consumers.

This portal helps consumers find the answers to any questions they may have about electronic communications.


Find out more about our services

  • CHECK the quality of your internet access

    Checkmynet.lu is a measurement tool that tests the speed and quality of Internet connections.

    More information
  • Natural gas and electricity comparator

    Calculix.lu generates an exhaustive comparison of all the electricity and natural gas offers available to you.

    More information

    Here you will find maps showing the coverage of fixed and mobile networks in Luxembourg.

    More information
  • Is your connection ready for the transition?

    Copper connections will soon be replaced by a high-capacity network. Check your connection status now.

    More information
  • Share your electricity

    This website provides a general description of what electricity sharing means and the benefits, rights and obligations it entails for those involved.

    Share your electricity